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Peter Reinhart

Hi Again,

This is the place where I'll be posting some commentary and thoughts of my own, separate from the webisodes and instructional sections. It is also a way for you to link over to my personal blog, where I write about all sorts of things not related to Pizza Quest. That site is at

But on this Pizza Quest blog I'll share things related to our search for the perfect pizza and also any other thoughts that relate to the themes of Pizza Quest: artisanship, the search for quality and meaning, and various aspects of self-discovery through the metaphor of pizza.

Good News!
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for continuing to log in during this time of transition for us. Here are a few pieces of good news:

--The new web platform is now under construction and we should have it up and running soon. Our partners at Forno Bravo are working really hard to make this happen, so thank you to everyone there. In the meantime, we'll keep posting as we can. I am working on my report from the amazing dinner we had with Craig Priebe, author of the upcoming "The United States of Pizza" (Oct.), and will tell you all about it, as well as some guest columns that we'll get posted asap.

--On a personal front, I was just notified that I have been selected to the Dessert Professional Magazine's Hall of Fame. Here's the link to the article, which also features their Top Ten Bread Bakers of the Year, some of whom may look familiar to you and some may be new ones to add to your "must visit" list when traveling.  Thank you to Dessert Professional for this wonderful honor. 


--Don't forget to put May 2nd down on your calendar for the 11th Annual Asheville Bread Festival, where I will be doing a new presentation on sprouted flour, along with an all star line-up of bakers. Here's the link:

More coming soon, so please keep coming back.

All the Best,





Chicago Event, Feb. 28th
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

I'll be in Chicago for the next few days to attend the Baking Tech Conference and also, to speak to the Culinary Historians of Chicago on Saturday, Feb. 28th. The talk is open to the public and will begin at 10 AM at Kendall College. I'll be speaking about my new book on sprouted flour, "Bread Revolution," and demonstrating how to mix dough using sprouted wheat flour. We'll also be tasting one of my favorite recipes from the book, Sprouted Corn Bread.

I know this only applies to a few of you who read Pizza Quest but, if you are in the area, come by. There's a small charge for non members (I think it's $5) but it will be a great chance to meet some serious food writers and historians. Be sure to tell me if you read about it here.

I'll write more when I get back about the conference and a special pizza tasting I'm attending on Tuesday night. More soon....


Nice Review
Peter Reinhart

Hi All. Just got a great review on my new book, "Bread Revolution" at the following site:

Looks like a great site for lots of good recipes and commentary, so I'm just passing it on and, thanks to the folks at for their kind words.




Happy New Year
Peter Reinhart

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 2015!! We're still here and are looking forward to a big year on Pizza Quest.  The site repairs and renovation, which have prevented us from posting photos and videos, are still ongoing, but I plan to keep posting words as I uncover new and interesting things. For instance, I'm heading to Philadelphia next week for the annual Philly Chef's Conference, where I'll be speaking and leading some panels on publishing and also on, what else, pizza.  Here's a link to the conference info:

While I'm there, I hope to visit two of the hot new pizzerias in town: Pizzeria Beddia and Pizza Brain (not as new as Pizzeria Beddia, but I understand they have a cool pizza museum there in addition to great pizza). I'll report on all that when I get back.

In the meantime, I'll keep you apprised as to the repairs progress and we look forward to bringing you all sorts of fun recipes, posts, and videos in the coming year.  On behalf of Brad, Jeff, and the whole Pizza Quest team, I wish you a Happy New Year!!!


We're Back, More to Come
Peter Reinhart

Hi Folks,

Sorry we've been absent for a while. The site has been down for repairs and it's still undergoing a makeover but we hope to be back soon with more postings. Hang in there with us and have a wonderful holiday season!  See you all here again soon....

Best Wishes,





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