Tony's Pizza Napoletana Gallery
Brad English

We're going to be visiting with Tony Gemignani at Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco over the coming weeks.  As I was building this Photo Gallery I thought back to when we first arrived and met Tony.  We were walking around with him as our crew was setting up while he showed us around his new pizzeria.  He took us in to see the wood fired oven that he brought in from Italy;  he explained to us about temperature, wood, time,  and the importance of using the right ingredients.  We then went into the back kitchen, where he showed us three more ovens that he had -- each one for a different and specific style of pizza.

I thought to myself, "Who would go through the effort to have four different styles of pizza ovens?"  Well, as you will see, Tony would.  You will also see that he is that way about everything he does, giving equal attention to the big details as well as the small ones.  There are certain ways he recommends that you stack your flour; he takes care to pick the right products, know the growers, and keep focused on the traditions of his craft.  I realized that Pizza Quest had just entered into the world of Tony's Quest, our journeys had converged, and we had a great time as Tony generously let us peer into his world.

Tony grew up in the Bay area -- it's his home turf and, so, he took us outside of the pizzeria a couple of times. One of those trips was to cross over the Golden Gate Bridge, just to talk about life, pizza, and to look back with fondness over his city.  He also arranged to take us out to the farmlands of his main California tomato producer, Stanislaus Tomatoes, where we met with Steve Rouse, the Stanislaus marketing director. We got some great footage there. 

I'm sure you will enjoy our visit into Tony's world as much as we did and we thank him for letting us in. Please enjoy the gallery and the coming webisodes.

Cayucos, CA "The Road Trip Aspect"
Brad English

We are just launching a series of new webisode segments that take us on our journey from Los Angeles up to San Francisco.  On the road trip we made a stop along the Central Coast of California in two small coastal towns: Morro Bay and Cayucos, CA.

This series of webisode segments mark a special moment for me on my Pizza Quest.

Peter recently blogged, on Tuesday March 29th, about being back on the road, and it stirred something in me about what this Pizza Quest thing is really all about.  I realized, when reading Peter's blog, that what brought us all together was not only the love of pizza, but even more so was the fact that, when I read the introduction to Peter's book "American Pie, My Search for the Perfect Pizza," I thought to myself how lucky Peter was to travel to all of these places, meet these uniquely interesting people, and try all this incredible food!  If Peter's book was just a list of great pizza recipes, I'd be eating better pizzas at home, but Pizza Quest probably wouldn't have come to be.  What really engaged me was his journey and the adventure of the potential of discovery.  It was about the interesting people who believed passionately in what they did.  It was the different

Pizza and Obsession Gallery
Brad English

Welcome to the Pizza Quest Photo Gallery!

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words", so we're going to let these photos, and the ones to come, help tell the stories for us. The Gallery will serve as our Pizza Quest photo album, capturing the flavors of each journey we go on.

We also want to encourage you to send us your best pizza photos and we'll create a page for our favorites--be sure to give us the who, what, where and any other relevant background info. To post photos and join other discussions go to the PQ Forum and create threads, or join them and start sharing!  Also, don't forget to friend us and post photos on the Pizza Quest Facebook page!

Pizza and Obsession is our first Gallery page. It is a compilation of photos from our maiden quest, during the late summer of 2009. We launched from Los Angeles and made our way up the coast to San Francisco. If anyone doubted that there was good pizza on the west coast, think again! We not only found what Peter calls "memorable" pizza, but also, great fish tacos, coastal oysters, and gourmet, trend-setting ice cream along the way. To see the photos and a list of the places we visited, click "read more."

Pizzeria Delfina Gallery - "The Gastro"
Brad English

We are beginning our tour of a little neighborhood, actually a little block in the Castro District of San Francisco that has become known to locals as "The Gastro" because of the great food options there.  The reason for our visit was to visit with Craig Stoll and his Pizzaiolo Anthony Strong of Pizzeria Delfina.  On our way, actually the day before we were to meet with them at Delfina - we were arriving from our trip up the California Coast.  We came into town and decided to take a swing by and look at things before coming back the next day to film.  Peter went over to visit with baker Eric Wolfinger and owner Chad Robertson at Tartine, where he had just written, in his book Artisan Breads Everyday, about their French Country Loaf as one of the best loaves of bread he'd ever had. 

After a while, we wandered over and realized quickly that the "quest" was already happening and we weren't rolling our cameras.  Peter asked Chad if Eric could show us around and if he minded if we filmed.  Another great couple of Webisode segments were about to happen.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures here so, let me just say that if you are in the area look up Tartine and go.  It's an amazingly warm and welcoming bakery cafe with all sorts of treats to keep you coming back and make it worth the trip.  The loaf of Tartine bread that Peter wrote about is truly memorable.  They take orders and sell out within minutes of it leaving the oven.  I am literally craving it now as I write about it -- it is that memorable.

The next day we filmed over at Delfina Pizzeria and were treated to a walk around the neighborhood where we ended up stopping at Bi-Rite Grocery and Bi-Rite Creamery for some chicharones and amazing gourmet ice creams (yes bacon and ice cream!).

Here are some photos of our adventure. Enjoy the Gallery and the coming weeks of webisode segments that we filmed while we ventured into the delicacies of Pizzeria Delfina, Tartine, and Bi-Rite in "The Gastro"!

Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles, Ca
Brad English

Pizzeria Mozza!

How lucky am I to live and work near Pizzeria Mozza?

Look at these pizzas!  And, let me tell you, they taste even better than they look!

I have always been a fan of Mario Batali, one of the owners of Pizzeria Mozza.  I have watched Molto Mario with my son Owen (12) for years. In fact, Owen has a plan to try to get on the show.  He wants us both to sign up separately so we can get on two different episodes together--I didn't have the heart to tell him that Mario isn't shooting those shows anymore, that they were taped a few years ago and Mario has moved on to other projects.

So now I'm a huge fan of Nancy Silverton!  If you are ever in Los Angeles, you have to make a point of going to Pizzeria Mozza, or, to see Nancy in action at the restaurant's famous Cheese Bar, go to Osteria Mozza right next door to the pizzeria.

For the next few weeks, as Peter is introducing you, through the webisodes we shot last year, to all the friends we made at Pizzeria Mozza, (Executive Chef Matt Molina, food writers Russ Parsons and Kristine Kidd, and, of course, Nancy Silverton) you will just have to imagine how many times I've returned for another Mozza pizza fix. Not even Owen will tell....

Enjoy the Gallery!



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